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recognition that the disease is infective and will tend to prevent its

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but to aid in meeting special indications. When pain in the stomach

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that this is due to an ultramicroscopic organism belonging

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The author rejiorted tlie case on account of the re

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other thing do I attribute the excellent results ob

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crease was obtained in the number of red cells. Splenectomy

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sary to the development of gonorrhea. What that something is consti

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for all that it is hardly mentioned in the literature

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made at intervals of three days of fifteen minutes

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verified the uncertainty in the results arising from their use.

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in making a diagnosis of retraction of the lung of one side.

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mal temperature and pressure. If then we find that c.c

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oculation. He has conducted some experiments chiefly to test

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dently the maintenance of an approximately neutral reaction in a glu

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the lesion while in the others it was only presumptive.

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using that only. No accidents occurred. Bacteriological tests

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pox as the process was called was well nigh forgotten in London

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the people and the control of this disease as might in their

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One other feature of the relation between insanity and pellagra

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tuberculosis was first of all a generalized infection

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and it is against these diseases that the efforts of

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of the mutual relations between the elements constituting com

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Typical typhoid ulcers are thus formed. A few solitary glands

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Let us now see how these subjects stand in relation to