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favoring the condition ot parenchymatous nephritis.

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racking symptoms that had been present before the operation.

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unusual to find that such nephritic conditions have been

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Of these admissions and deaths were in the Bengal army

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trouble. Neither the grandparents nor any of their children had

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We make only one provision namely that the subscriptions

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nor has the placenta become separated from its attachment to the

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service to the dignity of medicine in the person of

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extravasation as well as the consequence of the external

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any one else. I certainly consider it the most feasible procedure and

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partly healed laceration may be difficult and requires

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I am not proposing to pronounce dogmatically upon any of

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year Dr. Flocken a general practitioner was in attend

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diflJcult. The symptoms are usually precise enough yet unfortunately

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highly paid medical officer of health for several years.

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