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those injured by pieces of coal often present similar disfigurements. After
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diffuse themselves through the brain substance quite rapidlv
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sphere above the corpus callosum. In front it bends
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turn. The facts of temporary asynesia are well known
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Definition. An acute infectious febrile disease of mild type accom
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in digestion bear to the etiology and course of other diseases are discussed
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rhythmic activity. In one case at least namely the hea rt of Limulus
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Giving Drenches. Do not give drenches to hogs while
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feed. Several of the species are bright red in color and are called
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perform it you will make yourselves responsible for the grave con
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exhale a very repugnant foetid odor. This was the ca
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tion of one part of the intestine into another. In this
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are certain classes of ailment for which adequate provision has
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of individual existence we possess extensive statistics as
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man had a paroxysm every Sunday and Thursday the Sunday
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that it would prove a most valuable addition to our means of
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soon followed by sleep and the improvement being main
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pointing out that all cases presenting Cheyne Stokes breathing
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neuroses and psycho neuroses are commonly predisposing in
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of the spirit in which the oil has been previously dissolved and
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I ordered the same treatment continued with the addition that the
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age of the French Humane and Acclimatisation Societies. M.
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impressed with its efficacy in certain condition dependent
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whereby while trying to relieve one function we disturb
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pounds being added by the corporation of the city the foundation
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