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in haste to see a married lady, aged twenty-six, supposed

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their occurrence, under ordinary circumstances, by the tortuosity of the arteries

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seiiim which in a series of four hundred scarlet rover

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pain when at stool. Cough severe. Expectoration copious. Dec. 1. — Diarrhoea

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with cholera. The blood was detracted five hours after the invasion of

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2 Arcliiv fur mikroskopische Anatomic, Band xii., Heft 4.

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fever, the common coTttvnued fever of Burmah and India generally,

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Accident, homicide, or suicide. — It is rare that murder is perpetrated by

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Deformity: Talipes equino- valgus right side, talipes equino- varus left side. It

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Social Welfare to designate such county welfare boards

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interpretation of observed facts, (piite inaccurate. And there is no

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In speaking of his earlier career, Sir Henry states that he

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marked, turpentine stupes are applied at intervals in connection with

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externally and internally, and are also employed for their

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and tiie oontents of the stomach may, in eonseqnenesi kave aa

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who are physically incapacitated to give birth to a living

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many instances to tlic formation of intemperate habits.' Believed by and

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That epidemic erysipelas is caused b}' the development of a poison

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of loss is proportional to the loss of red cells, and in many

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scope in various forms, according to the methods used in pre-

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described became less and less ; of the tumor, at the end

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views of Wilson, Molluscura may be defined as a disease creating a change in

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resulting in consequences entirely. opposed to each other.

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have bwn lossefi in 29 counties, and gains in 18, three remaining tlie

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regular. This terminal phase of very rapid and regular breathing