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New and expensive text books are nice to have but it takes

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served them. In the extensive Illinois outbreak among

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animals. It occurs most frequently among cattle sheep goats

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with the instrument of Bossi. The cervical incisions are

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reminds us that pathological investigation has dem

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positions that if they have achieved success it is because

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the eruption sometimes seen in cases of rheumatic fever its

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nate that remedies which will cause the elimination of urea from the

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of data for exact conclusions the opinions of individual observers will have

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found elsewhere. During the experiment which began on September th

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and that per cent of these patients would die of the

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from eye disease whether in special or general Hospitals. We find in

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pulmonary and circulating organs in those animals which arc

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veloping appendicitis. The second was that of a child

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alkaline in reaction and possesses a characteristic

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The diagnosis is easy. It is only necessary to remember that tumours

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is uncalled for harmful and illegitimate. Vaginal hysterectomy by

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will as certainly be visited with penalty as life furnishes

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have seen part of the mucous membrane of the urethra

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opinion is contradictory as it is evident that although he does not

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pression in some c ses gives some color to this view

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The interests of the profession will thus be confided not

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There appear then to be two classes of cases. In one

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some goitrogens diuretics acetazolamide thiazides and oral

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the following very suggestive case. The patient a Japanese