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Epiglottis as determined by the Laryngoscope. After dwell

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poisoning possibly resulting from a diseased condi

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was of unusual interest owing to the rarity of the symp

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should be rendered thoroughly damp not wet with the fluid. The after

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especially toxic. Formalin solutions are rather unstable. There is a

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The examiner s hands previously warmed should be placed gently on the

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close proximity to the ring. There results a great rent through

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that is either a certain responsibility on the part of

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for drinking purposes. Bacterial toxins should be diluted as

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increased destruction of the corpuscles from causes unknown at present.

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food injures or prevents the injury restores the appe

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it with the abdominal plate and vaginal balls. It has been

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any of the clinicians present had noted it. This was

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cessful owing to the great dilution of the adrenalin.

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there is almost absolute immunity. Large populations bad hygiene

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examination of non graduates for registration and also the examination of

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nic acid to check vomiting. Last year Vedder showed

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gout and lithsemia has by no means been realized and however inter

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phaly is of frequent occurrence in epileptics. If the head be so

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the septa of the pancreas showed cellular and fibrous tissue infiltra

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of the nervous or muscular apparatus. Are we to under

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of mild typhoid but soon developed at the end of two

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lesions. The physiological standardizing of galenical prepara

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a secondary form determined by typhoid fever cholera dentition diarrhoea.

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a reception of old students is to take place in the

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must pass over the tip of the probe and by repeating

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ResoUed That a Committee of one be appointed by the Chair

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