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have completed with honor the work of the Senior College. Each department

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clip forceps and the ends of the opposite side in another pair.

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removal thirty six hours after to the Division Hospital.

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placed in jail it would affect the professional or financial stand

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notice in the hope of starting an interesting discussion on the best modes

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with a few others of the Natural History Society and pursued

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Of these lamina the one is more anterior and thicker

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The general condition of the patient on account of all these local

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the same time the denuded vaginal surface is restored

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Health Legislation The Cause and Prevention of Diphtheria Causes and

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nosis dilatation of left ventricle slight arterio sclerosis

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for cutting fine sections for microscopical examination.

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the bone is a depression the acetabulum into which the head

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probably the cause of sudden death in man when a high degree

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Vasomotor and secretory disturbances are usual. The skin is as a rule

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convinced that they will form no inconsiderable portion of the

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organ is small shrunken and cylindrical on section.

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duration is ten months and it may be longer. The disease

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ment and the patient had been temporarily discharged.

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cent alive and for the most part in excellent health. In

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make its appearance through the anus. Tin most marked

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been covered for a few hours is opened. When on the contrary a

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death. Yet in the face of this confession he positively

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or less in full. For permission to use these cases we wish

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young and robust patients as the hemorrhage is pro

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this my oath may happiness and good repute be ever mine. In the

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though recorded as instances of foreign body in the oesophagus

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destroy a particular organism when present in very large

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pellagra during or an incidence rate for the two years of

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propitious for any treatment. The patient had been an habi