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in the mechanics of bone while those transverse to the axis

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the early stages of the disease although very marked later on.

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right car has been very painful all night she could

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given ethyl chloride in most cases of cardiac disease

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Long splints for treatment of fracture of the thigh fig..

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Loeffler bacillus and the control of diphtheria by anti

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vard University the capacity of the average student to

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may simulate collapse. No bad after effects have been observed. Anti

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dying as the result of an enlarged thymus gland when that

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may become too much absorbed in medicine or too old to take

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less profound degeneration of their coats. Hence apoplexy

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mercial advertising at once insidious in its sugges

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is more easily digested if subnormal a lighter diet

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weight pains in the back and headache. All of the symptoms

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greatest expectations it was thought that by this process called trans

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therefore there is not so much need of cooking food foi

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alimentary canal before absorption and that their thera

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of clinical methods of examination may be of some interest.

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the patient will either not submit to the ligature or where

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generated or absorbed from that tract an auto intoxication

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Continuing to spread rather rapidly it had in that time crept fur

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some uneasiness which was relieved by a mild anodyne.

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one or both lungs were very dark coloured and the finger could

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allowed the first year. Utensils necessary for preparing infants

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tures as may be seen in the accompanying drawing taken from

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Dr. Jas. Tyson of Philadelphia had three negro cases


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favorable conditions. CleaTiliness of the hands and of the finger nails fre

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and soaked in a carbolic solution. If this lasted long the little fellow

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There was a very free evolution of H S gas first de

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the tumor may perforate the skin of the face in the temporal

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by not alone from effects of operation but because his

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plantation of healthy conjunctiva of some kind pre