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large and to swelling of the epiphyses. Movement is difficult and is often

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coffee tobacco alcohol stimulants or sexual indulgence heavy meals

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the abdomen or back being sure that it is firmly applied. Apply

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Brief comparative tables of weights and thermometric scales

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the size of the tumor. In cases in which the growth

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Ocnenl Adhesive Peritonitis. Chronic ieritonitis may

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ultimately break down and lead to suppuration. Fractures of the pelvis

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exercises and educational methods. According to Schwab

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cal Association met in New Orleans. A committee had been

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Appemlicostomy by enabling the bowel to be kept empty

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perfect elimination of effete and poisonous material from the

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The scirrhous variety is characterized by great hardness due to the abun

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impairment of the function of an hjrpothetical heat regulation centre.