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nosticate the affections of the medulla, since in most

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And first, of the exercise of Man's Physical powers :

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effect in lessening an inordinate action of the sanguiferous

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i, 302.— Dickson (W. A.) Fracture of femoral neck

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as the external surroundings improve. They have associated themselves

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sessed by the societies, to bring about a sudden revolution

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agencies and responsible journals. The demonstration

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Harry IIingerfoed, M D.,of Stamford, Conn., died in New

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The above-named facts will account for the almost invariably good

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50.000, and, based upon an estimated mortality of 10

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dioxid content of the blood, is suggested as a contributory cause of hj^o-

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very early, so as to be able, before going to the Hospital, to

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Wiener accomplished this without difficulty, [j.h.w.r.]

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Mtioner desirous of obtaining within a moderate compass, a view of the existing condition of the

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should be, a slight traction on the cord may loosen it from the placental

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the uterus in a new-born child is distinctly bicornuate, a crista media being

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extremities, and a slight dulling of the sensibility

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sound on shaking the patient. He considered this sound

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part of this side. The pus was withdrawn from the latter with-

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to act upon the stain for from half to two hours, according to its thick-

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and it offers a definite means of inducing a remis-

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chief.'* Upon the whole, the value of chlorine in well-marked phthisis

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ness of the throat and gullet ; sickness ; giddiness ; pupils of the

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fatty degeneration ; and whatever that predisposition may consist in, the man

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for a conjoint scheme. His noble friend when filling the office which he had

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In two cases only was the sweating abundant ; in eight it was slight — in most,

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with interpersonal relationships and the many problems amd life style

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sooiety of inquiry on the subject of health, a part of whose members-

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cerebellum. This is based upon clinical observations

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Rapids, in the practice of general medicine. Doctor

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performance of an heroic operation, whether it be paracentesis —

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that there was a homunculus hidden within the mandrake

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genuity could devise ; meantime performing his usual work, and losing

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tures of the patella, the olecranon and coronoid process, ligamentous union is the

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sneezing.insomnia, profuse nasal and ocular well to the Mixed Infection Phylacogen,

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Then, again, take the University of London, which has been

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ing of the tests in perfect darkness; tactile impulses were almost com-

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Translated from the ' Nederlandsch Archief voor Genees en Natuur-

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be, with a needle, passed through the centre of the mass, and then

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until an operation should reveal the true situation.