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causes a little local inflammation that finally becomes chronic.
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tion. The swelling was perfectly symmetrical extend
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information as to the nature and extent of the malady.
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formed from the dead softened material of the ligature. He
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aside considerably the mediastinum and heart. The disease had
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grade of anemia with some excess of white blood cells
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The case struck Dr. Jitzki csjiecially as he learned
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at the University of California in San Diego Ca. Ophthalmology
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Paris on Sunday morning. He was a Norman by birth and was born
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poor operation for gastric ulcer. It seems to inter
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OUiphant who is an able physician and as vice presi
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faceted. Gall stones when large are usually single but when small or
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taken four grains and a half of tartar emetic since morning and
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phuret of sodium and calcic sulphuretted waters containing
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The range of accommodation is shortened the near point being
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their thorough disinfection out of the question and as
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transporting six litter patients and two small two litter planes for air ambulance
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to obtain an order from the Court directing the am
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This variety of the affection occurs most frequently in women that have
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lung with a certain degree of intensity which is naturally greater than
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Johne has named his organism Diplococcus intracellularis equi.
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permanent discoloration from some morbid and unaccountable
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ftate bufy themfelves in tempting men in feducing and tormenting them either
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just below the butt of the ear this artery breaks into three
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the surfaces on which they are situated require to be moistened this
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Dick a Presbyterian Minister from the North of Ireland
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medical knowledge by dissection of which we have any record.
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take jjlace in the iris as elsewhere it is only partial
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needed before we can say that this diplococcus is the spe
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Licensed in California in. Doctor Allen was a retired
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