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remaining sixth that which comes through the ovarian ar

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and confusing psychiatric jargon and to regard his patient as a human

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feet warm blankets and an opiate or camphor and opium will prove of

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Knox voted solidly against him except that Warner of Knox who

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rather than the cause of the renal lesions. Some of the toxic symptoms

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is essential to assess potential sources of contaminants.

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that he will attempt to so deliver the first suitable case presenting and

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ing sound accompanies the dull bruit produced by the contracting muscle.

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member of the Canadian Bar. But before this Mr. Rolph took

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the materia medica and on therapeutics at least should be delivered to the

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the most common. Brow presentation is the most rare.

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Soon the soft shod Morpheus lowers his sable curtain and

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the form of fomentations. They are not advisable when the

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constipation. The symptoms excepting in cases due to organic

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crisis. The treatment is much along the lines of the treat

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along the coast of Palawan. Some very prolific banks exist near the

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the bladder had been inflicted at the time of the accident. Some

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of a great loss of blood whereby the supply to the brain is

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his son who was very ill from appendicitis was favorably received but Dr.

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was not even suspected. But the diphtheria antitoxin

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wounds and is used by painting the wound over with a

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domen has been put to a practical test and that it has

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places with a knife and allow the matter to escape. When

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evinced by cis Atlantic writers. Although in the beginning we must

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not be neglected. It is surprising how much relief may be given by

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with no material benefit and finally returned to St.

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nary temperatures. It causes symptoms similar to those already

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serum powder solution administered subcutaneously. On

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The roots being prepared as above may without being mixed with any other

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of ceremonies. The labor becoming protracted and the pain ex

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Our own results show that the streptococcus is readily destroyed

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convenient mode of securing the vessels until the wound was

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countenance was excited and his eyes bright and on inquiry we

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in character. He had a slow pulse with a temperature of F. I

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some very interesting observations on this subject. They

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Hemorrhages from the bladder the first in a second in May

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then becoming unconscious biting his tongue frothing at the mouth

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its shealh undilated and connected with the syringe

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were white stiff protuberances with deep grooves between projecting


animal is not in reality as dependent upon the tempera

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deviceshas hardly been equal to theiringenuity. But the obstacle has now

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future meetings in whatever locality we may be called

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muscle and that the intercosto humeral joins the lesser internal cutaneous

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many of the functions and diminution of strength especially in


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the twentieth year. The seat of the disease is usually