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supplied chiefly by the basilar arteries. The cramped position of

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Spasms and twitchings in the muscles supplied by their efferent fibers

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sent their words home to the hearts of their fellows

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sponsibility for the result remains and must be met.

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sense and not simply as a negative feeling tone associated with overstimula

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the chlorides is so close that by simply following the

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casional fibers in this region which may belong to the nervus

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serotherapy of rheumatism. He finds that the ordinary anti rheumatic

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able effect after a considerable body of presumably infective material

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seven of whom were treated with and seven without mercury.

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claim to do in the field of disease and assume that

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Voice On the Pathology of the Tinnitus Aurium with Remarks on the

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has specified in the patient s medical record his reason

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vitz and Pellegrino in this issue. To meet these new ser

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ing the differential diagnosis between the insane person and the simu

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terised by an excess of colourless corpuscles with enlarge

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The nasal mucous membrane as well as the folds of the post

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originally been under the care of Dr. Leonard who was

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missioners require special provision in asylums for night

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clipped and a per cent solution of carbolic acid used to make

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diagrams and each disease carefully diflferentiated. We predict

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If there is no further business the session will stand adjourned.

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for the past twenty years or more by a private company known as

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and feel gratified that most of them agree with me. Perhaps Dr.

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the Latin poets as does one celebrated neurologist. In

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which will be invaluable in the further study of this problem.