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plied for fifteen or twenty minutes followed by the static
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draught. A few drops aconite tincture in water is vastly
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College Millbank a post which he filled with much distinction
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cess as to justify his favorable opinion of it. Eemarking upon
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eighty and the blood tension one hundred and twenty six milli
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assigns to the cerebro spinal fluid the most import
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to give him a teaspoonful of the tincture which generally
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arities viz. prostration of strength and early coma rash great
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those of frozen smears of egg albumen may also be stained with
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pulse but it should be avoided in severe degrees of shock. Fomentations
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Discipline. Discipline was never a serious problem at the Old Farms
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pression of urine hiccup haggard countenance delirium.
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The thread experiment may be employed for the detection of uric
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same side rotation of the head and eyes to the right
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thrives on it. It does not even diminish his appetite and
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from humus into starch sugar or cellulose furnishes an addi
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of old age. In infancy fibrinous pneumonia is rare
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is a palatable form of oral potassium replacement. It appears that
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add grains of the sugar of milk mcorporate thoroughly with the ex
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and in a perfectly normal uterine cavity received a
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although insufficiently clothed for the exposure. Ee
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The Anatomy of the Human Skeleton. By J. Ernest Frazer
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into a detail and degree of differentiation which leaves