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found to coexist at autopsy. If we assume that primary

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Actinomycosis of the Skin. The skia may be involved primarily by the

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nection with perforative appendicitis is that in the majority

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tained foul blood stained pus similar to that which had been

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present and prospective. Few if any will question our right to

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nized by a member of the profession who had indulged

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so characteristic as in the case of fully developed cirrhosis.

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position it should occupy in the healthy individual.

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third was fiJl d partly with the beef and partly with common air.

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hemorrhagic smallpox case per continuum by infection would have been

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were not part of this patient s history and both are

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retically if either one of these tasks were accomplished the

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the numerous fine muscular branches given off at this level

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Boston Mass. and will report in person to tbe Surgeon General

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Attending Physician Department of Dermatolog.v and Syphilology

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Water cures by dissolving the morbid matters in the blood

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streptococcus pyogenes longus in its morphology and bouillon growth.

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the same effect is produced by a given cause but with

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one very important fact will be interesting to you. As the

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disturbances of the stomach there are per cent. showing a hyper

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opinion from the nerves h ing excited particularly during digestion and consequent

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ardent advocates but the proposition appears ridiculous when it

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the nerves of the brachial plexus due to a bullet which pro

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made it far mote agreeable to me. Six weeks have just

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of the disease the patient must observe certain rules. His diet

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The mere fact that pus contains most of the elements of

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operation every autumn in the month of September when the