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of diagnosing dysenteric ulcerations with the a ray

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Candidates who pass the examinations and acquit them

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dence that is to say that under different nutritive conditions they reproduce

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shown in Exhibit A of this report. The disbursements have been classi

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Soothe when the inflammatory process is acute stimulate when it is chronic

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patient admitted to St. Thomas Hospital in her lirst pregnancy. Some

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disease. lie considers of no value in pancreatic diagnosis such tests

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Light percussion gives a tlullcr note than more forcible percussion as pressure

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partments in reference to dealing with venereal diseases.

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severe form of lateral curvature. A. French Physician had

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that it would take two years to cause death Organic affections of

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apiece then twenty cells would give a current of about

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a little more liberty in this respect. The remedies mentioned

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of diagnosing dysenteric ulcerations with the a ray

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tion at the Travis Institute at Newton N. J. where just

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ganing elegant sleighing etc. in Summer croquet lawn tennis etc.

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rate of. per in cities supplied with water filtered by the

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precisely as it is enveloped or conjoined to the force of heat and

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Sir My attention has been directed to a letter from Dr Neale


case is reported however where the occlusion was evidently imperfect and