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forehead and nose lacrymal gland. Superior maxillary

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gans by the irritation extending along the uninterrupted surface of the

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miasm be produced and where it does not exist it cannot be produced.

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magistrates to be elected and established a few regulations for them to

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been washed in the way I have mentioned. This practice I

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Whittaker in his admirable essay quoted above says That the

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He was partially amblyopic. The patient recovered after

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ening of the walls of the canals may prove the starting point for

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We always suspect errors in domestic training when we find

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guages used at the Congress. The original text shall be pub

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ulated quickly and was completely healed on August ist.

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vention of fever but whether it be the hurried circulation or its

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and worth of the yearly harvest is a matter for serious reflection.

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eye and the congestion of the disc may be explained by the hypertrophy

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of strictures of the urethra lachrymal canals oesophagus

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Three cases of typhus fever are said to have developed in

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was a constitutional disease with a local manifesta

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caseine that portion of the albuminoids difficult of digestion

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for out patients. There are offices available to physicians nurses psychologists

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suspension conservative surgery as it is in a sense preventive surgery i.e.

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M.D. Chief of Clinic and Instructor in Genito Urinary and

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and formed the anterior boundary of the sac which had

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be forthcoming. Our literature however will already be found to confirm

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dose was slowly increased until he had grammes a day. A.

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Prof of Surgery in Women s New York Medical College

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surgery so much the better. But if our successors are to

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one case I saw the patient at short intervals expecting

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tonized infants that were nearly full time the figures were and

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of blood and fibrin. At the apex where solidification was greatest

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not complain of any marked symptoms. He had in fact arranged

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dip the probe into the powder and afterward insert it into the sinus.

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flammation of a joint and in Peritonitis it will prove useful where

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able circumstances good results are always to be expected.

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Five days after injection comparison of the lesions

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therapeutic abortion but to plead for a committee composed of men who