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by long hair, as the root of the mane and the tail.

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If the practitioner declare his opinion promptly he may incur the

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aphasia does not imply paralysis of articulation or phonation.

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fibrinous clots of the pulmonary arteries may exist for a

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always bring its own reward, but the power of inflicting punishment for

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Because there is no State law making vaccination com-

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purgatives above indicated may be added to the infusion of Tobacco, or it may be

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rated in August, and has now one hundred and sixty-five

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much stress on one feature of the disease. I agree with Unna, therefore,

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15. SDCL 22-6-2. Misdemeanor classes and penalties.

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in the immediate future. There is also great need for a public library

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the grooves sejiarating the patellar from the menisco-tiblal

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(1180-1223 A. D.), wrote versified treatises on these two

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and characteristic signs. "On percussion the resonance

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patient is sensible of no suffering; (4) it is not necessary to have any

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heat gently for 10 minutes. Then gradually add the hot liquid to the

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Some recommend the destruction of hides, hoofs, &c. I think

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Therefore, ■with every prospect T)riglitening for the increas-

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of the nose and mouth; in some, by swelling and inflam-

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of them spread laterally, forming masses which could barely be de-

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I can see no indication for irritating applications.

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disease, speaks as follows : " I am confident in certain selected

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the last twenty-two years, and in every one of them recent morbid changes

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separates into the clear, which is soluble starch, and the part

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The knee-jerk, as a rule, is not affected. The Achilles-tendon jerk

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the agar thus contains 1 in 22,000. With this concentration of