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exception of Sundays, when she was allowed to run in the pasture.

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Of these eighteen insist upon absolute physical rest in recumbent or semi-recum-

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133. Duration of Life. — Bankston reviews the life expect-

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Just the other day I received a reprint from a prominent

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pils still dilated; continues very restless, espfcially

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matter. ' Why, thank Heaven, little or nothing ; but we could not pass-

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The dv/ra carries on its outer surface certain arteries of surgical

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as a dull ache, with occasional sharp exacerbations. At first it did not keep

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28, 3) ; but they are generally more or less full of viscous and fluid

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1908. Moffitt, Herbert C, 240 Stockton St., San Francisco, Cal.

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wooden floor, raised on bricks, was put in it, and it was trenched

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diverticula, foreign bodies (bits of bone, false teeth, coins, etc.), syphil-

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that can be controlled by the action of light energy, to it

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within the pelvis, and then with considerable difficulty.

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his disease is a malignant one, we have every reason

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prolific source of error arose from the fact that adhesions be-

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had given scarcely any inconvenience until about two

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nine hours, and after a few small transitory rises, re-



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wealthy. His diet was not always appreciated. A certain dis-

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day great advances have been made in the production of antitoxin, in

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down in dealing with the engorged conditions is applicable ; the

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demonstrated. It is probable, according to Rougette,^

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These w^ounds in the intestines forming fecal fistulae from trauma-

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casts before you illustrate the appearance of the d' -


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want of light obscured his vision, and a want of education made

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minute particulars than were observed in the last section, in order

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a more uniform current obtained. The ordinary lighting circuit of

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author's knowledge of this gland and the substance of several

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serious symptoms appear in a moment. [Forgetting that Avliere the

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with their intervening aponeurosis are beautifully brought before our

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Oasserian ganglion, et^., although the nose itself, he, states, may be diseased,

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NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. With numerous Engravings. Fifth Edition.

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tion and that mucosal continuity is established far more

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obstacles, and not yet settled to the satisfaction of the

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the Reduction of the Inverted Uterus," by Dr. Paul F. Mund6,

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circulation, exemplified by diminished cardiac impulse, irregu-

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who had led an irregular but very active life for sev-