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functional capabilities of the two kidneys did not give

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has a practical bearing on operative work. The surgery of the neck

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the thumbs before operating for hemorrhoids. If there

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secondary nephritis gastritis or pneumonia may develop.

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their children s bodies that their brains may possess a

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that this appearance is due simply to moulting which is however

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As stated the leukocytes in the blood stream took up cocci quickly

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ings were of a practical character relating to the position of

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fection and there are objections such as the rarity of

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shown in Exhibit A of this report. The disbursements have been classi

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clock which struck the hours should be at once stopped.

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many tubercles in the early stage I have found the vessels in a

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and the bacteria present in the lumen of the bowel causes the

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One of the marked results of Cushing s studies is the establishment of

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vaccination lacunes de I organisation sanitaire les qua

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us like the cold head ach it is attended with prefent debility

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No.. Many eminent physicians have expressed the opinion that

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Appemlicostomy by enabling the bowel to be kept empty

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tion last year I pointed out the large percentage of

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now leave the subject to those who are more immediately

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that of croup. It was hui ried per minute but ausculta

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ataxic paraplegia develops mainly in the lateral columns but

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similar manner do other physiologists express themselves on

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was the mode of bathing practised by Hippocrates Galen and

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