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so small an opening that only a single drop will flow
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potatoes are largely used for distillation and the production of
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the time. The catheter was taken out and passed every
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by paroxysms of agonizing pain in the region of the heart extending into
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daily. Under such treatment the blennorrhoea seldom lasts more than
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been characterized. Although there are other agents
peatedly spoken of the necessity of determining these facts.
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such continuance may require a maximum ingestion of carbohydrate
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The appearance of the throat in tonsillitis and diphtheria.
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the damp chill atmosphere at night exposure to which is generally the
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Prof. Severance Burrage Associate Professor of Sanitary Science Purdue University.
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dark thus excluding the possibility of a direct light action on
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Many authors have divided the course of phthisis into three
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when the piles are very voluminous and vascular the use of
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volume separately beginning with those of special interest to the physician.
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of the section he noted some of the neurological ad
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in closure of the eyelids from irritation of its lashes
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of food may set up a diarrhea as a result of derangement of
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observation and physiological and pathological knowledge
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a case of perforated duodenal ulcer operated upon by me upon
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