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without any apparent harmful effect. The mortality among
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Many young mothers break down in their first confinement and rapidly
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the subjects of digestive troubles sometimes present a trace of indican in the
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gramme. In order to weigli out sucli a milligramme it
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Complete experimental removal of the gland is fatal Paulesco. Partial
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long we have pustules formed at the root of the hair follicles and
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In accordance with the general principle already men
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main at home under proper care and restrictions. A leprous mother should
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Individual as the Result of the Use of Peroxid of Hy
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tered without producing any very definite organic change.
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racter being in action in the case mentioned by Dr. Michaelis is confirmed
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said when it was a question of treating symptoms or the
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normally tell when it has departed from the normal whether it beat too
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tion he had for some years j ast cultivated the habit
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action of two heterogeneous conducting bodies. After this
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sure. The apparatus of Geigel and Meyer on the same
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Treatise on the Practical Treatment of Diseases of the
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Beehag Menthol in Larj ngeal and Pulmonary Phthisis and in Other
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increased irritability of the vasodilator nerves due
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appendicitis was placed on a sound practical basis yet the
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peral fever he has found inflammation of the veins more frequent
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the view that the gland underwent atrophy first and that the vessels
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him for his unwearied attention to the duties of his Profes
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tis as has been mentioned. This diffuse type may also
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contents for several days. Under such circumstances it
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use it as a stable for their carriages or a dining room
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presence of myelocytes which occur whh infections of
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the fissure of Sylvius the margins of which must be separated