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of every age when they are actually buried in contact
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we will be recognized as of material aid to the medical profes
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isms on whose presence and influence it appears to depend.
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the thigh reappeared. There was a similar procedure and result. No
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we are struck by the fact that the percentage rate is greatest between
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shown in Exhibit A of this report. The disbursements have been classi
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tricle becomes dilated and hypcrtrophied. The abnormally increaited
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comprised a larger portion of the total. Finally we found some
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deaths fire etc. should be first reported to the officer
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accompanied by mitral stenosis than by insufficiency. In children a frequent
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maining in the stomach should be removed and symptomatic
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sion. In those cases dying within the first ten days we almost invariably
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when it gives rise to complete closure of its lumen by the swollen
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the shafts of his satire without compunction against
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In the third case I pursued the same method. This was
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has also puzzled several others. The patient is a young woman upon
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great increase in the amount of nitrogenous products in the
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transmission to the War Department on the actual number of year