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ment of the intestinal glands on to destruction of the
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the Berne Clinic Wobmseb Rev. de Chir. April summarizes Kocher s
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with protracted third stage lasting sixty five minutes and
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to a much higher plane than that to which it had at present
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primary diphtheria to extend into the larynx. There is much controvewvaj
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ances the following five chapters deal with bacteriology
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segmental arrangement of the muscles has become greatly obscured dur
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from the external canal through the nuistoid opening.
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was able through this means to suspect a broken water main and upon
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senses fits of laughter screaming and shouting which are repeated under
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muscular strain and the protracted use of cathartics. The colon
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ting cough after partaking of food or drinks and also after midnight
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Wehave much valuable General Antiseptic Treatment j To forward tc Physicians
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It is usually considered a good sign if blood flows
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scribed as bitter like gall though in a few cases it was
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finally eradicated by injections of a solution of sulphate of
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of the patients in hand. They consider that the study of these nine