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The cakes have the appearance of chocolate. A quan
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would undoubtedly cause staining of the tissues about the
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tion in five different directions. Such a method of
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The patient must be kept going in new tracks while the
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but it is the prevailing theory that meat and meat extracts
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Operative Surgery. Instruction is given in operative surgery upon
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paralysis but this simulation is usually superficial and disappears before
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remote times the Levitical law directs the walls of the houfe
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and Students with Special Reference to Diagnosis and
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ing it The Lawyers may indeed be deficient in certain attainments
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gologic treatment according to Archiv f. Laryngologie E. Berthold
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the weak alluded to by our correspondent will often
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been seriously sick nor had typhoid fever so far as
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majority of people have been so blinded by prejudice
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too hurried and the results too indefinite to make it an
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heart and aorta would be slightly displaced in that direc
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the posterior plexus with the occipital while in the sheep
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marked in both hands the right arm commonly being affected first
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carelessness during the introduction. To intubate prop
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pearances are seen which suggest the view of ingestion
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On examination of the body of this patient the day after
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following in his footsteps that Haller came to the doctrine of irritability
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and suppuration having in its origin and progress an intimate
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for the foreign body by passing the electric needle through the operation wound.
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Barbara A. Layne RN Executive Director Pennsylvania Medical
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quently made that absence of hydrochloric acid is to be