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In November we had a girl patient aged ten years under

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fevers produced by specific contagions furnish examples. The fever of

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From this review of the literature it is apparent that the available

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and with expectoration. The skin in the intervals between the rigors

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difficulty experienced by the animal in breathing the tracheotomy

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affected in per cent of cases. Yet tuberculosis of the liver is relatively

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an exceedingly attractive field for the study of the

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nective tissue. Areas of focal necrosis also are seen where cells have

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But we need entertain no hope that the hail of literature will

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mixture in a covered crucible until it ceases to swell and is completely

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well deserving of the attention of the Profession. In the first

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Charles Hunter took parr. Dr. Smith did not think that the

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medicine Penrose C. It. a text book of diseases of women

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servation of the reflexes may still be noted that the rigidity of the

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Dr. Mott s third case although microscopical sections were

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capacity to write spontaneously and from dictation to read to himself should

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certain number of cases of fragments of the gastric

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without any resistance through a small opening in the

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Bacteriology of Peritonitis. M. Fishbein states that

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